Cold Calling Leads – Is It a Waste of Your Time?

Most people hate cold calling leads and do not even make it that far. In this article, I am going to talk to you about whether it is a waste of your time.

Cold calling leads on the phone has been a strategy for network marketers for years. Whether you are calling lists from companies that have gone out of business, leads from an online provider of people that have requested information about how to work from home or some other source, you may have noticed it is becoming less effective.

Less and less people are answering unknown numbers or replying to your voicemails.

When you are calling, they don’t know who you are, whether to trust you and most of the time these people are not looking for what you have to offer. You could literally spend hours on the phone trying to call people that have no interest in what you are doing or selling.

You can answer the question yourself and see that cold calling may not be the best option if you want to make the most of your time. If you still want to contact those people through calling, you can even get autodialers that will leave messages for you or send text messages but still those methods are not very effective. Most people do not trust random people calling and believe it may be a scam.

What Is Another Option?

Instead of cold calling leads, you could start building relationships with people online. Instead of having to cold call people that do not trust you and experiencing rejection over and over again, you can use methods like online marketing to let people get to know you and trust you, build a relationship and build your team faster.

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